About Me

Now, how do you answer this question without coming across as narcissist? Well, I will attempt to keep it simple.

I am an introvert and I like to keep to myself. Perhaps that explains why I don't have so many friends. But that is the only way I can manage to live above the daily challenge of the traffic in Lagos and the generators that scream at night and still be able to put pen to paper and make something of my unquenchable desire to write.

I was born in November 1984 in Abuja Nigeria. I am lucky to have had educated parents who struggled through their meager Teacher salaries to give me a good education. Growing up I really didn't have the luxury of computer games and summer holidays. But I had my Daddy's books. Mainly books from the African Writers Series.  I grew up reading everything that was in print.

Today, I consider myself lucky to have a job and I love the job I do. I work in Corporate Communication in a Start up Telecom firm in Lagos. I consider myself actually to be under tutelage, learning the ropes daily and I think I love every minute of it. It gives me an opportunity to get things done and to write how they were done.

Writing rules my soul. It's the only thing I will gladly do for free and I have done so for as long as I can remember. I have notes of stories I wrote as a child. I like to think of myself as both a writer and a journalist. My ideology is shaped by a wide range of writers and journalists whose works I have followed over the years. I think creative writing is a big weapon for purging the society of evil. I think journalism especially in this twitter-facebook-YouTube- Blogger age must be entertaining to achieve its goals.

I hail from Agulu in Anambra state. I am a catholic. I love soccer. And I speak both Igbo and Hausa fluently.
I contribute to many publications including Daily Times online newspaper of Nigeria where I keep a weekly column. In my spare time I tweet. That is when I don't have a book in hand.

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