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"Amazing! Brilliant! The claim that the short story is an underdeveloped genre in Africa has finally been laid to rest by Sylva Nze Ifedigbo in this scintillating debut. Ifedigbo is the undisputable master of his landscape and his characters. This is art tout court." - Pius Adesanmi, winner of the Penguin Prize for African Writing

“Jhumpa Lahiri meets Frank McCourt in “The Funeral Didn’t End.” The simplicity, the language, the varied styles … the humour infused in the stories. Mr. Ifedigbo’s twenty stories reveal different lives, different situations, different ideologies and more importantly, different styles. They are deep, original, sometimes sentimental, sometimes unsentimental; very daring and surprisingly accomplished, for the genius displayed is ultimately genuine. He’s an incredibly talented storyteller.” – Onyeka Nwelue, author of ‘The Abyssinian Boy’

Sylva has written a collection that definitely resonates. Almost all the stories are laden with a palpable wry quality that reminds us of our vulnerability, that evokes moments and experiences many of us are familiar with and may not be keen to relive. - Uche Peter Umez, author of Tears in Her Eyes

“Murders, hardship, assassinations, poverty, the crippling corruption of a nation strong enough to impose its will but not powerful enough to completely suppress dissent  - these are the topics of The Funeral Didn't End, a collection willing to gaze into the stern face of power and spit in its eye. - Damian Kelleher Australian writer and literary critic.

“Nze confirms that Nigerian literature is on the march forward and has moved on from the post-colonial fixation of the early Nigerian writers. Though there are noticeable American influences in the writing style of some of the stories, they are firmly rooted in Nigeria and speak to the topical issues in the country with boldness and clarity. This writer is an upcoming talent who definitely has a bright future. - Myne Whitman author of A Heart to Mend. 

“Ifedigbo is a voice you've heard knocking on the door for a while now. With this collection, this young man--astute, confident and playful--breaks open this door to our hearts, to our souls, to our ears. Read his work--from the irreverent montage of the famous TV game show, to the surreal street with crazy neighbours--and see why the world takes notice, and see why the pundits ask, "What's in the water in Nigeria? Where do all the stories come from?" - Eghosa Imasuen author of To Saint Patrick

“I am yet to meet anyone who read the book 'Whispering Aloud' by Sylva Nze Ifedigbo and did not love it. Now, he has come again with a masterpiece collection of short stories-The Funeral Did Not End!!! ~A must read, if u ask me." - Sokei Charles Chuka.

“I guess you would understand my happiness and sense of pride when I learnt that Ifedigbo’s collection was done and ready for the public. Like I said before, I have had the privilege of reading some of the works that make up this collection and can vouch for the inherent talent of the writer and not be found wanting on that count, bias aside... click here to read full piece - Mazi Nwonwu

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