Whispering Aloud (A Novella)

Whispering Aloud is an entrapping story of Lillian, a freshman at the University of Nigeria who grew up with the knowledge of only her Mother. As she meets and starts dating another freshman Romeo, a series of strange events begin to occur. She is repeatedly mistaken for someone else. Things begin to take shape when Lillian finds a diary that will lead her to the discovery of her twin, Vivian.
Spectrum Books Limited 2007
102 Pages.

The Funeral Did Not End (A Collection of short stories)

The Funeral Did Not End is a collection of twenty stories that peers into the fabric of the Nigerian Society, offering a delightful insight into the everyday life of Nigerians. The stories are varied in scope and theme and run the gamut, from politics to religion as well as culture, demonstrating in a fascinating way, the problems, challenges, struggles and potentials of greatness embedded in the Nigerian spirit.
DADA Books 2012

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